Dr. Angela Combs, Dermatologist; Professional Headshots, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Yesterday, I had a really interesting experience: photographing head shots for my dermatologist!  I’ve visited Dr. Combs’s office many times and have sent a whole slew of family and friends to her with all sorts of dermatological issues.  She’s a fantastic doctor, is always friendly and professional, and is one of the very few doctors I’ve met who don’t elicit any kind of ‘white coat fear’ in her patients (and that’s saying a lot because she took a big scary Enrique Iglesias type mole off my mom!).

Interestingly, during our role reversal when she was immersed in the world of studio lights, backdrops and make up, she remained as calm as ever, affirming my beliefs that half the battle towards being a good doctor is your demeanor/’bedside manner’.

So here’s the winning photo:

So if you find yourself (or someone you love) saying one of the following things:

“What is this rash?”

“These mosquito bites are spreading.”

“My crow’s feet are getting out of control.”

“Does this mole look funny to you?”

“I need to stop looking like Enrique.”

“I’m 30 years old, why do I still have so much acne?”

give Dr. Combs a call and give the voices in your head a rest.


So Glad I Haven’t Asked One Of The Above Questions In A While,




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