Best choice we made for the wedding.  We’ve now had some experience with quite a few photographers, and Noelle was an absolute pleasure and clearly the best we worked with. Most importantly, she definitely has an eye for photography. Her eye allowed us to take advantage of the lighting we were graced with on our wedding. We were married on the beach on what turned out to be an overcast day. We were initially disappointed that it wasn’t sunny, but Noelle showed us that overcast days provide the ideal lighting as things aren’t too bright/washed out and no huge shadows are cast. And so Noelle helped direct us to take additional pictures in especially well-lit portions of the beach rather than moving on to a location we had set-up prior. The results were pictures that were better than what we could have hoped for. In addition to her highly tuned photographic skills, Noelle has a wonderfully amiable disposition and did an outstanding job organizing the large group in our bridal party and wedding. I failed to realize how crucial those qualities are until the day of the wedding. I was reunited with my best friends and family, and obviously pre-occupied with the ceremony. We needed a photographer who could wrangle everyone in to take all the shots we wanted. Noelle was able to do the job perfectly with her wit, charm, and easy-to-talk to personality. Overall we can’t say enough good things about Noelle. Having her as our photographer was definitely one of the highlights of the most important day in our lives. We recommend her with the highest degree of confidence.



We feel very lucky to have Noelle as photographer for our most special day because she did an amazing job throughout the entire process and our wedding photos are so beautiful! I get so many positive comments from friends, family and co-workers about our photos.

Upon first meeting Noelle, she first impressed us with her professionalism. For example, Noelle would always promptly respond to our e-mails and with very detailed, thoughtful responses.

And on top that– Noelle is such a cool and funny person–our guests just loved her!  I got lots of comments regarding Noelle from family and guests about how “fun” and “personable” she was with them. Our guests felt at ease with her, which definitely helped to get good photos from the shy guests.

We had experience with a photographer the following day because we had a Hindi ceremony; unfortunately, Noelle was not the photographer for this event. It was like night and day because this photographer was nothing like Noelle!  This other photographer was not assertive or adept at giving directions to us or our guests, was very unsure of herself and kept moving us to find better lighting, and left before the reception was over. Unfortunately, all of this resulted in photos that were not even close to the quality photos taken by Noelle. I have looked at my photos from Noelle over and over again (I’m obsessed) but sadly I have only looked at the photos from the Hindi ceremony twice (once was for my co-workers to get a good laugh at our ridiculous poses). With all this being said, I would highly recommend Noelle to other brides out there because she  was able to capture wonderful photos, professional throughout the entire process, and is affordable!  Thanks for everything! -Carla



Noelle is truly magical in what she does! I was not the bride, but a bridesmaid in the wedding noted. She has a big heart and an exceptional personality; you can tell she really cares about people. For those like myself who are not photogenic and don’t like to be in pictures, she really makes you feel comfortable and puts you at ease. I feel that is a good quality to have in a photographer, because when you look uncomfortable, it will show through in the pictures. Her professionalism in how she handles big groups, from her adaptability to deal with whatever situation comes her way, are other great qualities that she possesses. She has a great imagination and an eye for creativity that allows you to capture the most unique pictures. She can take an average string of lights that are wrapped around a palm tree and turn it into an intimate magical starlight background for the bride and groom. You always hear people say how weddings fly by, so when it is all over, you want amazing pictures that have captured the essence and emotions of that day. When I discuss weddings with people, I always tell them to make sure you have a great photographer— even if you have to spend a little more money. What she can do to a picture is amazing. She can make an good venue look like an amazing venue. Put it this way: the food, DJ, decorations, and venue are gone with the wedding day, but the pictures will always remain. Her passion and artistry gives her that edge to capture those moments that will last a lifetime. She truly enjoys what she does; she is insightful, magical, creative, and professional and it comes through in her pictures.



Noelle Goveia is a MUST for all Future Brides! I worked with her on a boudoir shoot that most would be uncomfortable with, but Noelle made it fun and energetic! She knew exactly how to make me feel at ease in front of the camera. They turned out sexy and playful, exactly how I wanted! Noelle also shot my Bridal photos in Aspen, CO…in the snow! She was such a trooper diving basically into the snow to get the most gorgeous photographs. I couldn’t have asked for a better photographer. She is fabulous and a joy to work with!



The first person that comes to mind when it comes to photography is Noelle. I have always been very self-conscious with photographs and am usually the one hiding behind someone in pictures, but Noelle’s energetic personality brought an upbeat atmosphere of fun that allowed me to relax and feel comfortable. She was able to capture a natural smile that really exemplifies my true personality. The photo session was so much fun that I could hardly believe when it was over and I absolutely love how my pictures came out! I cannot imagine working with anyone else. Throughout the entire process of before, during and after the photos, Noelle was a pleasure to work with, accessible for questions and best of all promptly delivered her work as promised. Noelle is exceptionally talented, refreshingly professional and fun. You will not be disaapointed!



Noelle Goveia did a really good job at our wedding. I was the groom (typing this review on my wife’s behalf too). We are deaf, but Noelle could communicate well with us via gestures even though it was her first time working with a deaf couple. Noelle knew how to snapshot at the correct moments, at correct angles. She was also very easy to get along with and very enthusiastic, knew how to make everyone feel at ease with her. She was willing to take pictures of my groomsmen and me at various locations we suggested on the spot prior to the ceremony. My wife and everyone else thought very well of Noelle’s work after we received the pictures of our wedding. We feel we made a good decision in choosing her as our wedding photographer and we would recommend her to others.



Noelle was the 1st vendor I booked after putting a deposit down on my venue. She was FANTASTIC from start to finish! She responds to emails immediately, she helps with other vendors if need be (I found my DJ through her and he was awesome, too!) and on the day of the wedding she was an absolute angel. She helped me with my day-of timeline, told me how much times she needed for different types of pictures, and helped me with my bustle a few times! She knows how to set up people for poses and catches all the little moments – this is what makes the wedding album. I loved how during the ceremony and reception I never noticed where she was, but she never missed a shot. Noelle is an amazing photographer, and a truly wonderful person. I couldn’t have been happier with her!



I am by no means photogenic and always feel self-conscious in front of the camera, but Noelle made the experience fun and exciting. I was actually able to relax and enjoy myself. She had a ton of creative ideas and was constantly making me and my honey laugh. She is willing to try anything that you have in mind for a particular shot and approaches everything with a smile and an ubeat attitude that is infectious! And the results were AMAZING! She catches those little special moments that you think no one notices, but always wish you had a picture of. Some of my favorite pictures were when she made us believe she was between shots, and we were just goofing aorund being ourselves. You can look at those photos and see the relationship – not just the people. I knew it had gone exceptionally well when as we were leaving my guy said, “that was really fun!” She is punctual, professional, and FUN! You will never feel rushed or awkward with Noelle – she is what I imagine every wedding photographer SHOULD be!



What would a perfect wedding be without a perfect photographer. It was like hanging out with a friend all day. She was there for all the right moments. Captured the fun and was never in the way. Even when my dress strap un-snapped. She was right there to fix me up. A million thank yous. A true asset to any wedding.



Noelle Goveia is truly amazing. She not only exceeded our expectations, she really went above and beyond to make our day so special. Each member of my bridal party (and more than a few of my guests) had something great to say about her. She’s fast, she’s efficient, she’s creative and she’s a hoot! You will really enjoy having Noelle as part of your day. What I love about Noelle, besides everything, is that from the second we hired her, she has made herself available. Any Bridezilla can attest that hours feel like months when you are waiting to hear from a vendor. She was very quick to respond and never left you with any unanswered questions. If you have seen her blog, you know her work speaks for itself. She’s a fantastic photgrapher. She creates this atmosphere where you feel relaxed and like yourselves. She has captured the most beautiful moments, expressions, and memories from our engagement photos and wedding that I am so grateful to have. She embraced every one of my strange requests with a laugh and a “Let’s do it!” I also love that she took pictures of everything and everyone, not just myself and my groom. She captured some really great candid moments of my husband and I, and my guests that we completely missed. In summation, I have a girl crush on Noelle Goveia. She’s a very talented, creative photographer and I look forward to crossing paths with her again soon.



Your wedding photos are the only thing you will have to remember your wedding day with. Especially if you dont do video like I didn’t, you want to make sure you have every moment captured and that it’s beautiful. Noelle is such a wonderful photographer, and her quirky personality makes her even more loveable. It can get awkward when you are posing for pictures but Noelle will make you forget about the weirdness with one of her jokes, or with busting out in a sing-a-long (which she did with the groomsmen and they have inducted her into their geek club). I will be using Noelle for all of my photography needs for now on, and I recommend her to anyone looking for a photographer. Look no further Noelle Goveia is truly the BEST!



Noelle first photographed me when I was pregnant with my first son. She made me feel beautiful and was able to capture that despite my lack of direction for her. Since having children, Noelle has been our go-to photographer. Somehow she is able to get a great shot of my beyond rambunctious boys (now ages 3 and 1 years old). She is very personable and plays with our kids gaining their trust and learning what motivates them to smile. She even held our 3 year old upside-down running around the backyard just to make him laugh (with our permission of course & he loves her). Whether we need photos for our Christmas cards or family photos (including extended family) for our house, Noelle is able to capture memorable moments in a phenomenal way and shot time span. During all of our photo sessions, she also takes gorgeous candid photos – which usually turn out to be our favorites. Noelle has a unique eye and is able to capture photos I couldn’t have even imagined. If you are looking for a professional photographer with true artistic skill, look no further. We love you Noelle! Thank you for all of the beautiful memories!



We used Noelle for our engagement pictures and we were completely impressed! Noelle has such a vibrant personality that allowed my fiance to be completely relaxed. The time flew by and we absolutely love our pictures!! We will recommend Noelle again and again!



Let me introduce you to the best photographer EVER – Noelle Goveia. I know we all have been there…standing in front of a makeup or beauty product, wondering if it really works as well as the latest addition of Cosmo says it does…trying to make a decision only to wish that someone would whisper in our ears that it will totally be worth it or it won’t. Well this is me and I’m here to be that whisper; I would really like to shout it out, put it on billboards, boats, magazines, and heck I would write it across the sky if I could… To tell you that Noelle is hands down the best photographer I have ever met. Her skill and talent – breathtaking. Her personality – friends-for-life, exceptional. The turn around time of our wedding pictures, within weeks. My husband and I are high school sweethearts. We just got married November 18, 2011. Photography meant everything to me. Both our engagement pictures and wedding photos were done by Noelle, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Reminiscing back on all of it now the rumors are true, at the end of the day it all goes so fast. Noelle was my photographer and I’m so thankful for all of her wonderful pictures. She captured every passing moment and they will forever bring every memory I have, back to life. Her attention to detail and angles give such a modern edge to our photographs. Charismatic, on-point, trendy, and fun – I have not only gained a friend, but a photographer through all of life’s exciting events to come. Much like that man or woman of your dreams, she is the photographer you’ve been searching for. One love, one shot. This is her.



When I first got engaged and chose the date 11-11-11, I knew that I needed to get on the ball and book vendors fast! It was October of 2010 when I booked Noelle. I was searching on the web and kept seeing her website. I looked and she was my favorite but I hesitated calling because I was afraid since her site was so amazing her prices would be astronomical. I finally called her and from 3 sentences into the conversation, I was in love. Her prices were so much better than others out there that are not even comparable to her. The engagement shoot was a party! We were on my husbands boat out on the water and it was a laugh fest! The pics are amazing and she knew how to get that shot without us having to pose all day. When she showed up at my wedding I was so excited! I couldn’t wait to see her! She took initiative and grabbed everything and went to town taking pics of dresses and flowers. The groom and groomsmen fell in love with her. They laughed and the pics of them are AWESOME! Her talent is unmatched, her personality is glowing, and she is a warm and loving person. My family cannot stop talking about Noelle, and I cannot wait to use her again for a Trash the Dress and any other excuse I can find to see her! Thank you Noelle, you made our day so special!



Jessie; Wedding: 11/5/2011; I am normally not comfortable having my picture taken so was unsure how having engagement and wedding pictures would go. Noelle made me feel comfortable and had me laughing on both occasions, her personality and humor made the experience fun and enjoyable. We met for engagement picturess with no clue about where we wanted to take them and after a 5 minute walk she had 3 different places mapped out that I never would have thought of. Noelle kept me calm on my wedding day and went above and beyond, fixing my hair, holding my dress, and even fixing my dress when the bustle broke. By the end of the evening she no longer felt like our photographer but a friend who we’d like to have stay and celebrate with us, without her camera. She was quick to respond to all requests and was punctual each time we met. We would get married all over again just to have her take our picture.



Noelle was super fun to work with. She has a great sense of humor, provides quick, clear direction and has an extremely creative eye. She was always calm and cool throughout the entire day and I was very confident that I’d have many great shots to choose from! All of the pictures turn out both playful and elegant. Looking through the photos you can really get a feel for the wedding, which is exactly what I wanted. I received several compliments from guests about how professional and nice Noelle is-she is unobtrusive and made everyone feel comfortable. Post wedding, Noelle edited the photos and sent the proofs and slideshow to me way faster than I ever expected. She allowed me to pick the photo I wanted for the fabulous photo box to hold all of the pictures. Within a week from selecting the picture, I had a package on my doorstep with all of my wedding pictures to view in person! I was more than impressed with the quality of everything. Now I get to work on my wedding album which I cannot wait to receive because I know it will exceed all expectations! Also, I love the fact that Noelle allows you to select the photos YOU want in the album. If you are like me and have a few questions (or a million!) for her, no worries! Noelle always replied to my emails promptly with innovative ideas and answers. Noelle delivered memories over and beyond anything I could have imaged. I have highly recommend her to many friends and after you work with her, you will too!



Beyond having an exceptional personality (you have to see her in action to truly appreciate what this means!), Noelle is a creative genius with her camera. It was steamy, sticky, sauna-like weather at mid-day in South Florida (our choice of time and date!). The weather could have really put a damper on our experience but Noelle was ON, full of energy and contagious in the best way possible. She really listened and cared about what we wanted out of our photographs and really exceeded our expectations. We practically saw her brain whirring away as she put thought and attention into each shot. She used our setting in such an imaginative, unexpected way and really highlighted the best of our looks. There is palpable aura and life to our photographs. Noelle clearly possesses the insight needed to truly capture the essence and feelings within the image. (And to completely obliterate any kind of discomfort – weather, etc.) Noelle is professional, punctual, delivered her work promptly and is really generous with her talents. We are so happy we chose Noelle as our photographer and highly recommend her. Noelle – you are phenomenal and we can’t wait to have you photograph our plus one 😉



The three words to describe my experience with Noelle was amazing, professional, and fun! The pictures came out absolutely incredible! It was a boudoir photo shoot, and I went into the shoot a little nervous, but the second the shoot started those nerves went right out the window! Noelle had such creative ideas, helping direct me into out-of-this world shots! Her approach was fun while still being professional, which helped ease my nerves. She has an excellent sense of humor and made the whole experience really enjoyable! I would highly recommend Noelle to anyone for anything that requires a camera. Her eclectic talents can encompass anything from bridal to boudoir to pictures simply for fun! TWO THUMBS UP FOR NOELLE – YOU’RE A ROCK STAR!!!!



If I could give Noelle a 10 star rating instead of 5 I would definitely do it! She is a true professional with the skills to take GREAT photographs. She will find the best angles and always make you look like you didn’t think you could ever look. Noelle always replied to my emails and call promptly with ideas and solutions to all my questions… which I had a lot of. She is also very fun and upbeat, you will not be bored during your shoot. She goes way beyond what her job requires her to do and I guarantee you will be in love with your pictures! Your wedding is such a special day, you need great photos, leave that to Noelle and just have fun!



Breathtaking is the word my family used to describe Noelle’s photos. She managed to capture a spirit inside my husband and I and our guests that we didn’t even know existed! Noelle is very professional, yet fun and outgoing which made her a very easy choice as our wedding photographer. The bond was instant between us and her, and the pictures we will always have as beautiful reminders of the most important day of our lives. We just can’t thank you enough Noelle.  You rock!



My pictures came out amazing! She captured a lot of what was going on with both what you could see on the outside and the emotions on the inside. She went above and beyond the necessary photos of the evening. Noelle knows how to make a picture come out great! Thank you Noelle!



Top notch work from a true professional! We chose Noelle to be our photographer after scouring many different photographers in the South Florida area. She will bring the best out of any subject, and has a truly wonderful eye! We cannot recommend her highly enough!



When my husband and I first got engaged, we started our wedding planning and our search for the perfect photographer for our special day. It was not an easy task because we wanted someone creative, talented, fun to work with, professional, and overall equipped to photograph my family (if you have ever watched The Big Fat Greek Wedding, you have a slight idea of what my family is like, except, we are Brazilians and not Greek!). When we found Noelle, we clicked right away, she was everything that we were looking for and more: SHE SPEAKS PORTUGUESE!!! Can we say God Sent??!!!! Meant to BE!!!! Bingo!!! Yeah, Baby!!!!! We couldn’t be happier with our choice, I will recommend her to my friends and family, and we will use her again in a few years to photograph our baby bump, God willing! : ) Sincere thanks Noelle, the J’s love you!



Noelle did a wonderful job with our engagement photos. They were beautiful! not only were the pictures great, but Noelle was so creative and sweet, she let us just be ourselves and we had a wonderful time!! I would highly recommend Noelle!!



Noelle is an absolutely gifted photographer. I had such an incredible time working with her for my pre-wedding photo shoot. My photos came out amazing. Everyone who views them is amazed by how great they look. Thank you so much Noelle for photos that I will keep forever.



I have been in the in the wedding industry for over 10 years and I can say with the strongest conviction that Noelle has to be one of the most amazing photographers I’ve had the pleasure of working with. She is always in a wonderful, upbeat mood, when Noelle is around you can’t help but smile. I am getting married next year (for somebody who works in the wedding industry it is an extra difficult task planning your own wedding) and the one detail I don’t have to think twice about it is my photographer! Noelle possesses the one thing you can’t teach or buy, talent! Her pictures are consistently amazing not to be out done buy her energetic, charismatic personality! Any bride that hires her is not only getting amazing photos for one of the most important days of their life, but also a truly outstanding professional they can trust whole-heartedly!



I was searching for photographers in Florida online and came across Noelle’s site completely by accident. I looked at the photos and was amazed by the unique way the photos were taken and how vibrant the colors were. I sent an email and surprised to get a super quick and friendly response. After a few emails and a few calls, I had my wedding photographer secured and was happy to have one less detail to worry about.  I love my photos and my apartment now looks like a gallery! I have dozens of photos everywhere and I’m so glad that I used Noelle for my photos.



The most beautiful baby pictures ever!   Noelle came to my house and took the most beautiful pictures of my newborn. She used her awesome creativity in photographing precious and unique pictures. She was very patient, gentle, and accommodating while working with my infant! The pictures were breathtaking! I am thankful that I will forever have these moments saved in time to treasure for the rest of my life! Thanks Noelle!



Thank you Noelle! You made my day special and gave my husband and I amazing pictures that we are always pleased to show to our friends and family. Thank You!



Noelle shot the most wonderful photos! The bride and groom both looked amazing, but to top it off the photos of my children were so great that I hired her to shoot them on another occasion. She was so easy to get along with and the images look effortless and real with an sense of style that you don’t always see. Highly Recommended!


Danielle & Bart Edited

I was just looking at our engagement and wedding pictures the other day. I just have to tell you that you are truly blessed with such a wonderful talent and cannot thank you enough for sharing in our special day. All our family and friends have enjoyed going through all the photos and we receive tons of compliments on how beautiful they are. Your unobtrusive style meant that you captured perfectly the emotions and memories of a truly perfect day and for that we will always be grateful!



The Head Shots came out amazing, as did the photo cards :) Thank you for taking your time and getting the perfect shots of me! I am getting so much positive feedback with the comp-card… especially that picture of me in the pool. Thank you, again!



Noelle’s photographs are absolutely beautiful and she is an extremely talented photographer! She gave us the most beautiful wedding pictures and we still receive compliments. She also is very creative and makes you feel so comfortable in front of a camera!



We have loved watching the slideshow over and over again.  We have been staring at the pictures all morning trying to figure out our favorites but it was a difficult task as you did such a wonderful job! We love them all!



Seeing the pictures again made me so happy– you did such a fantastic job.  We absolutely love them!



The Pictures are FABULOUS!!! I love them all!  My mother called me crying and said she had looked at the slideshow 3 times.  Thanks again for such beautiful pictures.